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One way to get an arrest warrant search in Sullivan County, MO done is to approach a state agency that involves itself in the task of issuing or serving these orders. In terms of the former, it is the magistrate who holds the authority to put active warrants into effect. Of course, the office of the sheriff has its own integral part to play in the process used for the issue of arrest warrants.

Unless the police furnish information on the crime and the alleged criminal, the judiciary has no way of finding out about the occurrence of an illicit act or about the person who is responsible for commissioning it. All details pertaining to the evidence are brought in front of the court by the investigating agency.

This data is carefully studied to ensure that clear probable cause can be established to assume that the suspect is indeed guilty of the said transgression. Once this requirement is met, the active warrant is considered to be issued in accordance with the state and federal laws. While the local criminal tribunal will release all orders for detention, it is the police who are put in charge of serving all Sullivan County outstanding warrants and making arrests under these directives.

The office of the County Clerk is another agency that is frequently approached by people interested in arrest records from Sullivan County and information on outstanding warrants issued in the area. The clerk’s deputies have the job of assimilating the court dockets which are then put in a database that can be accessed through the public service terminals at the justice center. To avail the services offered by these state entities, you can head to:

  • Law enforcement: 109 North Main Street, Milan, Missouri 63556
  • Judiciary: 109 N Main St, Milan, MO 63556
  • County clerk: PO Box 18, Milan, Missouri 63556

From 2002 to 2008, Sullivan County, Missouri witnessed the occurrence of almost 600 crimes. This puts the annual crime average at just about 85 incidents. Of the cases filed, nearly 20% were against violent acts of crime. Fortunately, despite showing an upward trend, the growth in this crime category was lower than 15%.

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