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You can find Randolph County, Missouri arrest records and warrants from a judicial department or the sheriff’s office’s court services division. Because the latter maintains information on all legal provisions issued in the county and even applies for arrest warrants, it would be best to connect with a deputy from this branch of the law enforcement agency for any criminal history related inquiry.

When approaching this wing, you will have to file a formal request for the warrant search by showing up in person at the sheriff’s office. The inquiry will be initiated almost immediately once you put in the petition, and you will be handed over information on all detention instruments issued against the subject, including Randolph County active warrants, criminal summons, and bench warrants.

Going to the magistrate court will get you even more details on the judicial provisions invoked against the individual in question, such as search orders and the likes. If this person has already been detained or has a criminal case against him, you can find all arrest records from Randolph to his name and any conviction details available.

The clerk of court’s office will help you take your search one step further by augmenting the results of your inquiry with civil records. Because this office handles the court dockets, you will likely find all information about any criminal or civil matter initiated against the subject. So, to look for Randolph County outstanding warrants and records, you can go to:

  • The police: 372 Highway JJ, Huntsville, Missouri 65259
  • The judiciary: 223 N Williams St, Moberly, MO 65270
  • The clerk of court: 110 South Main Street, Huntsville, Missouri 65259

Although there was an increase in the overall crime rate of Randolph County, MO, which went up by 10% in the last few years, violent crime plunged by nearly 40%. Annually, almost 800 complaints are filed with the local police, and at present, only about 10% of this figure is made of violent acts.

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