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If you have found this page, it means that you must be interested in conducting an arrest warrant search in Lewis County, MO. Given below is vital information on how to go about the process and the kind of details you can expect in response to your query on crime history.

Who can you approach to find information on Lewis County arrest warrants?

Why, the police, the magistrate, as well as the county clerk can help you with data on Lewis County arrest records and outstanding warrants. The uptake for state agencies in disseminating information about criminal matters is that the circulation of this data enhances the chances of capturing offenders. Additionally, letting people know about anti-social elements also helps to increase community safety.

You can get in touch with the following agencies to get details on arrests and active warrants. Remember to take a photo ID along to the office of your chosen department. Yes, you will have to take the trouble of driving down in person, or you can write to them.

  • Law enforcement agency: S Washington St, Monticello, Missouri 63457
  • The county magistrate: 106 N 5th St, Canton, MO 63435
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 97, Monticello, Missouri 63457

Are there any private entities that cater to clients in need of crime history data?

Yes, you can also find information on Lewis County arrest records and active warrants through third-party data sellers. To connect with one, use the form given on top of this page. They offer name-based inquires that can get you results within a few seconds.

Who should you contact if you need information on recent arrests and warrants in Lewis County? (By 2021)            

  • 573-767-5287 -Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 573-767-5478 -Call for victim’s assistance
  • 573-767-5352 -Call for initiating a search for judicial records and criminal warrants.

Crime statistics of Lewis County

The Lewis County Sheriff’s Department received 46 criminal complaints in 2018. There were 42 crimes against property and 4 offenses against people in this annual total.

Nearly 25 larceny thefts, 15 burglaries, and 1 car theft were recorded as crimes against property. There were 4 aggravated assaults in the violent offenses category.

Older crime statistics

The Lewis County, Missouri police carry out no fewer than 140 criminal investigations every year. Of the reported crimes, approximately 17% are violent. Fortunately, cops have been able to bring down the incident figures of this crime category by almost 40%. There was also a decrease in the number of reported crimes on the same lines, which fell by over 20%.

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