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An arrest warrant search in Moniteau County, MO, will give you details on all orders for detention issued in the subject’s name, including seemingly harmless directives like bench warrants. Also included in the background report furnished in response to your inquiry will be arrest records.

These will include both detentions that occurred under judicial orders as well as warrantless arrests. In other words, as long as a person was taken into police custody, the sheriff’s department will have information on the scenario that led to the detention. Apart from the cops, the magistrate’s court and the county clerk’s office also have details on arrest and warrants.

Because the magistrate’s court issues active warrants and the county clerk’s office maintains its presence in the local tribunal to records the court dockets, they have all information about these orders. Besides these agencies, the FBI is also kept in the loop about outstanding warrants from Moniteau County.

From the database maintained by the central law enforcement agency, this information reaches cops all over the country. Unfortunately, civilians have no way to tap into this repository. So, for your inquiry into the issue of active warrants and arrest records from Moniteau County in the name of a subject, you will have to send in your inquiries by mail or visit the offices of:

  • The Police: 102 E North St, California, Missouri 65018
  • The court: 200 E Main St, California, MO 65018
  • The clerk of court: 300 North Main Street, Paris, Missouri 65275

Between 2001 and 2008, almost 1300 criminal incidents occurred in Moniteau County, Missouri, and of the complaints registered with the police, about 18% were made against violent acts of crime. Through this period, there was a drop of almost 50% in the rates of violent crime.

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