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Finding arrest warrants in Saline County, Missouri, will call for a bit of work since you will have to personally show up at the agency’s doors that you are interested in approaching for your warrant search. From the cops to the magistrate and from the clerk of court to an internet agency can all be contacted when you require active warrant details.

However, the agency you choose will have a distinct bearing on the type and amount of information you receive in response to your query. For instance, when you get in touch with the cops, even a casual walk through the corridors of the precinct will get you information on the most notorious criminals in the area along with a most-wanted list.

Of course, you will also be offered a detailed criminal history report, which will include information on Saline County arrest records and warrants, conviction, and incarceration data. Because a police report is an official document, it can be provided to employers who need this information before offering you a job.

The magistrate’s court will be able to get a warrant search done for you, plus they can get records about the issue of other legal instruments against the subject. This includes search orders, summons, and bench warrants. Similarly, a peep through the court dockets database kept by the clerk of court’s office will get you details on all civil and criminal cases that the subject is embroiled in. To find outstanding warrants from the area, head to:

  • The sheriff: 1915 West Arrow St, PO Box 366, Marshall, Missouri 65340
  • The magistrate: 353 S Lafayette Ave, Marshall, MO 65340
  • The clerk of court: 101 East Arrow Room 206, Marshall, Missouri 65340

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Saline County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • Recent arrests made by the Saline County Sheriff’s Office: 660-886-5511.
  • Questions about a criminal case (for victims): 660-886-5512.
  • Assistance offered to crime victims: 660-886-7778.
  • Questions about criminal court case search: 660-886-2300.

Crime Statistics of Saline County

In 2019, over 73 crimes were reported in Saline County. Of these, nearly 66 were property crimes and around 7 were violent crimes. That was an increase of 2% from the 75 complaints filed in 2018.

Property crimes included nearly 40 larceny-theft cases and over 20 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included 7 instances of aggravated assault.

In Saline County, MO, the police handle almost 450 criminal cases every year, but only 5% of these at 22 incidents are of violent nature. However, this figure is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years if the serious uptrend of almost 90% observed in this crime category is any indication.

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