Court Records

  • 08/12/2014 – 08:20

    The St. Louis County clerk of court’s department often serves as the starting point for a case search and rightfully so. The Clerk and his deputies not only handle administrative tasks for the judiciary but are also responsible for the maintenance of judicial records. Apart from this, they also entertain requests for information pertaining to court documents and case related information.

  • 08/12/2014 – 08:17

    Judicial records from St. Louis City are available with the clerk of court’s department; online, through the administrative office of the state courts and the tribunals that function in the area. Typically, the court documents pertaining to a case will have all information about the trial.

  • 08/12/2014 – 08:16

    The facility to conduct an online inquiry for judicial records is available in all geographical divisions of Missouri. So, for a case search in St. Charles County, you can go to This webpage is not run by local judicial agencies but by the administrative division of the state courts.

  • 08/12/2014 – 08:14

    Court dockets from Jackson County are essentially judicial records pertaining to cases that were tried at the tribunals in the area. The information is maintained regardless of the type of the litigation. So, you can find court documents for criminal cases as well as civil matters. The clerk of court’s office maintains the responsibility of preparing and storing this data.

  • 08/12/2014 – 08:13

    Greene County court documents are not only kept for recent cases or for criminal matters but for all litigations handled by the judiciary, since the inception of the tribunals in the area.