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The St. Louis County clerk of court’s department often serves as the starting point for a case search and rightfully so. The Clerk and his deputies not only handle administrative tasks for the judiciary but are also responsible for the maintenance of judicial records. Apart from this, they also entertain requests for information pertaining to court documents and case related information.

To put it simply, if you are looking for details on a criminal or civil case, this is the agency that can help you with all your inquiries. Of course, you could just as well visit the tribunal where a certain matter was heard. However, this would mean that you would have to start your investigation with a clear idea about where the crime occurred or where the dispute was filed.

An inquiry on judicial records from St. Louis County, MO can also be launched from the comforts of your home by using the internet. There are two official web portals that can be used to conduct such investigations. One of these is the casenet service which is offered at the state level and will get you information on all legal matters filed in Missouri. This is available at
The second option is also for St. Louis County case searches but it only works for probate matters and litigations that have been closed. This facility is made available at Remember that you will not find out about ongoing cases from this source.

People, who do not mind visiting the courthouse or the clerk of court’s office for judicial records, can go to the Circuit Court which is located at 7900 Carondelet, Clayton, Missouri 63105. The county clerk’s office can be found at 41 S Central Ave, 4th Fl, Clayton, MO 63105. The public service terminals afford applicants direct access to the St. Louis County court dockets repository.