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For an arrest warrant search in Cedar County, MO, you can go to the police. The sheriff’s office plays an irreplaceable role in the process followed for the issue of active warrants. Apart from the all-important tasks of investigating criminal matters and making arrests, the police also place the request that leads to the issue of detention directives.

Once enough evidence has been collected against the suspect, information about this is put down on paper. The investigating officers endorse this data by signing it. This sworn writ is then presented for the perusal of the magistrate. What follows is due deliberation over these details. The sitting judge tries to ascertain if culpability can be found based on the proof alone.

The judicial officer has the right to call in the witnesses even at this point. This merely helps to push things in favor of the cops, so they have no qualms about taking the additional trouble to get the witnesses to depose in front of the magistrate. At the end of the pre-warrant hearing, the request for the decree is either denied, or the cops walk out with an active warrant in their hand.

After the execution of such orders, information on the arrests is sent to the judiciary as well. In this way, three agencies end up with Cedar County arrest records and information on the release of outstanding warrants. So, when you want details on criminal history. You can get in touch with any of these departments. Just be prepared to pay a small fee and produce a valid photo ID when visiting their offices at:

  • Law enforcement: 100 South St, PO Box 158, Stockton, Missouri 65785
  • Judiciary: 113 South St, Stockton, MO 65785
  • County clerk: PO Box 607, Stockton, Missouri 65785

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Cedar County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • To inquire about recent arrests, call the Sheriff’s Department’s Main Office phone number-417-276-5133.
  • To speak with a detective assigned to your case (victims only), call 417-276-5133 ext. 251
  • To get victim/witness assistance, call the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office- 417-276-6700
  • To request a case search or warrants inquiry, call the Clerk of Court- (417) 276-6700 ext. 234

Crime statistics of Cedar County

Cedar County’s crime rate went from 102 to 89 incidents between 2018 and 2019. Property offenses received the most complaints, with 53 cases filed throughout the year. In this category, 16 occurrences of burglary and 37 cases of larceny-theft were reported. Around 35 complaints were filed in 2019 due to violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

About 220 crimes are reported in Cedar County, Missouri, of which about 8% are violent in nature. Between 2001 and 2008, murder and rape accounted for just 10 cases, while assault brought the figure of violent occurrences up by 132 cases. In this period, a near doubling of crime incident rates was noticed.

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