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Warrants are only issued when there is significant proof to nail an offender in court. For this reason alone, an arrest warrant search in Dent County, MO, is a surefire way to find out about any unscrupulous acts that an acquaintance of yours was involved in. Also, an inquiry of this nature will get you information on arrest records.

So, essentially we are talking about an in-depth background report that can give you a clear idea of what the subject has been up to in the past. To launch your search, you can approach the police or a judicial entity, most notably the department of the county clerk or the magistrate.

While the sheriff’s office makes all arrests connected to active warrants from Dent County and otherwise, the magistrate’s court is in charge of issuing all legal orders. Since outstanding warrants also qualify as judicial directives, these cannot go into effect unless the magistrate approves them with his signatory seal.

As far as the department of the county clerk is concerned, they keep the case records for the entire judicial network. This information is stored in the court dockets database, which is fortunately also accessible to civilians. However, to browse through it, you will have to visit the justice center. Their address and those of the other agencies have been listed below:

  • Law enforcement: 112 E 5th St, Salem, Missouri 65560
  • Judiciary: 112 E 5th St, Salem, MO 65560
  • County clerk: 112 East 5th Street, Salem, Missouri 65560

The most recent decade has been good to Dent County, Missouri, in terms of criminal occurrences. The crime rates dropped across the board, with violent criminal averages decreasing by as much as 50%. Every year 330 crimes are recorded in the area, and about 12% of these are violent.

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