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It is very easy to initiate a warrant search in Clinton County, Missouri, as long as you know who to approach for the information you seek. The most obvious choice when finding arrest warrants issued in criminal matters is, of course, the office of the sheriff. Without a doubt, the police headquarters is a veritable treasure trove of information when it comes to criminal history.

Everything from a list of the most wanted to specifics about outstanding warrants from Clinton County issued against a particular individual and even annual crime records can be requested from the cops. However, the police will not dabble in civil matters, so if you only want your inquiry to include criminal arrest records, this would be a good place to initiate the inquiry.

As opposed to this, if you are interested in just about every piece of information on your subject from the public records network, try the office of the county clerk. The deputies of this agency are the keepers of the court dockets for criminal and civil cases. So, whether the family court issued a bench warrant for non-compliance or the subject has a juvenile record, you can get all information about this person through the clerk of court’s office.

Finally, you can also get details on Clinton County outstanding warrants from the court of the magistrate. After all, this is the agency responsible for releasing all legal provisions, including active warrants. To get in touch with these departments, you will have to go to:

The sheriff: 207 N Main St, PO Box 423, Plattsburg, Missouri 64477

The magistrate: 207 N Main St, Plattsburg, MO 64477

The clerk of court: PO Box 275, Plattsburg, Missouri 6447

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Clinton County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)

  • Inquiries pertaining to recent arrests: 816-539 – 2156, Option 2.
  • Inquiries from victims about the assistance available to them: 816-539-3711
  • Requests for criminal court records: 816-539-3731/3755.

Crime statistics of Clinton County

In 2019, the Clinton Sheriff’s Office received 69 criminal complaints, compared to the 93Clinton instances that were received in 2018. There were 53 property offenses and 16 violent crimes among the total.

Around 36 larceny thefts, 12 burglaries, and 5 motor vehicle thefts were reported under the category of property offences. Nearly 11 aggravated assaults, 4 rapes, and 1 robberies were included in the category of violent crimes.

Clinton County, MO, is another area of the state with medium-range crime statistics. On average, only about 330 criminal cases are reported in this region, of which 12% are violent. In terms of increase, there has been a rise of nearly 50% in the number of criminal occurrences.

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