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So, when was the last time you conducted an arrest warrant search in Livingston County, MO? You have installed cameras across your workplace and security systems in your home to keep thieves and robbers at bay. But, what about your new acquaintances? How much do you really know about them? In reality, there is no way to judge if an individual has a criminal past.

The only definitive way to launch an investigation about a person is to go to the police or the judiciary with a request in hand to find out about Livingston County arrest records and active warrants in his name. When you launch an inquiry of this type, you will be given the lowdown on the criminal matters that involved the person in question and the civil matters that he is currently involved in.

However, only the office of the clerk of court can furnish these details. While the police and the magistrate’s court will be able to help you with all criminal matters, including outstanding warrants, for civil inquiries, you will necessarily have to approach the county clerk’s department because this agency keeps the court dockets database. So, you can find out about tribunal rulings, the issue of instruments such as summons and bench warrants, and more.

On its part, the sheriff’s office will be able to offer details on crime statistics and annual crime trends. You will also be able to find the list of the county’s most wanted from this source. Finally, if you go to the magistrate’s office, you will be told about arrests, active warrants, verdicts, and more, along with the issue of legal instruments such as subpoenas, criminal summons, and the like. To connect with these agencies, drive down to:

  • Law enforcement: 901 Webster St, Chillicothe, Missouri 64601
  • Judiciary: 700 Webster St, Chillicothe, MO 64601
  • County clerk: Given above

Just a bit over 300 criminal complaints are filed in Livingston County, Missouri every year; of these, about 5% are instances of violent crime, while the remaining are connected to property-related occurrences. Thefts were at the top of the crime category list, with over 2000 reports filed between 2001 and 2008.

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