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People make a grave error when dealing with unknown individuals; they often leave Daviess County, MO, arrest warrant searches when the damage is already done. Unfortunately, all the information in the world cannot help them at that point. However, a stitch in time could have saved them all their nines, if they would have played it safe and looked for information on any criminal transgressions in the name of their subjects.

There is simply no excuse to put off such inquiries for later these days, given the ease with which civilians can access details on active warrants and arrest records from Daviess County. It is simply a matter of visiting one of the agencies listed later in this article. A few dollars and a couple of minutes are all it will take to safeguard your interests against the nefarious elements working in your part of the society.

If you go to the cops for your search on arrest warrants, you will find all the crime-related information from your subject’s past. On the other hand, the magistrate court will also be able to divulge information on other judicial instruments brought to use against a suspect, such as criminal summons and bench warrants. Finally, from the office of the county clerk, you will be able to find out about Daviess County arrests, outstanding warrants as well as court dockets about civil matters.

  • Law enforcement: Daviess County Courthouse, 102 N Main, Gallatin, Missouri 64640
  • Judiciary: 102 W Main St, Gallatin, MO 64640
  • County clerk: PO Box 132, Gallatin, Missouri 64640

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or information about Daviess County warrants over the phone? (Updated-2021)         

  • Inquiries about recent arrests: (660) 663-4252.
  • Inquiries about jail inmates: (660) 367-2200.
  • Inquiries about requesting an accident/incident/arrest report: (660)-663-3300.
  • Inquiries about court records and criminal warrants: (660) 663-3300 ext. 2.
  • Inquiries about victim/witness services: (660) 663-4129.

Crime statistics of Daviess County

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department filed 46 criminal reports in 2019. Nearly 30 of the crimes reported were property-related offenses, while 17 constituted crimes against people. The majority of property crime cases involved larceny-theft (14 cases) and burglary (10 cases). The 17 complaints in the category of violent crimes were all filed against aggravated assault.

Older crime statistics

In Daviess County, Missouri, an estimated 80 criminal incidents are reported per annum. However, only about 9% of these are violent criminal acts. Between 2001 and 2008, there was a significant rise in overall and violent crime annual averages. While the latter grew by almost 60%, the former showed a rise of nearly 75%.

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