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For an arrest warrant search in Holt County, MO, you will need information about your subject that can help to retrieve his arrest records from the central crime history database. Generally, the local police as well as criminal history information center of the state will offer name based inquiries on arrest warrants.

It should be noted here that if your subject has a fairly common name, the risk of mistaken results is very high. For instance, if you were to look for the outstanding warrants from Holt County in the name of a John Smith, you will be given details on the criminal history of all the people who match the search input.

So, the active warrants from Holt County that you find and even information on arrests may not pertain to the subject of your inquiry but to one of his namesakes. For this reason, it is always better to work with more than one search criteria. This way the results are narrowed down and the accuracy quotient is raised.

In Holt County, arrest warrant details can be procured from any criminal justice agency. However, to contact the department of the sheriff, the county clerk or the even the magistrate, you will need to visit the agency in person. A lengthy approach is to contact the establishment through mail. The addresses of the three criminal justice entities that accept inquiries on arrest records have been listed below.

  • Law enforcement: 107 S Main St, PO Box 229, Oregon, Missouri 64473
  • Judiciary: 100 E Nodaway St, Oregon, MO 64473
  • County clerk: As above

No more than 90 crimes take place in Holt County, Missouri each year. Of these incidents, about 8% are of a violent nature while the remaining 92% can be blamed on the growing instances of property crimes. Over the last few years, there has been a growth of almost 80% in the crime rates of the area.

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