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To look for arrest records and warrants in Franklin County, Missouri, you can approach the police or a judicial agency that is involved in issuing such detention orders. The sheriff’s office will keep information about outstanding warrants and help applicants with area-specific crime data, a most wanted list for the county, and more.

While the police are forever on the lookout for suspects who have outstanding warrants to their name, the local law enforcement agency will usually be reluctant to release details on active warrants. This is done to ensure that the alleged offender does not use the system to skip the law. In fact, if you are looking for the most up to date information on arrest warrants from Franklin, you should try the office of the county clerk.

While the clerk of court does not actually issue the detention directive, his team is responsible for maintaining the court dockets, which are written records of what went on while the case was being heard. In fact, the office of the county clerk will also have information on civil matters initiated in Franklin County.

To see this information and initiate a formal warrant search, you can head to the clerk’s office and use the public service terminals to browse through the repositories maintained by the department. You can also get in touch with the court of the magistrate for arrest records in Franklin.

  • The police: 1 Bruns Drive, Union, Missouri 63084
  • The county clerk: 300 East Locust Street, Room 102, Union, Missouri 63084
  • The court of the magistrate: 401 E Main St, Union, MO 63084

Franklin County, MO, has a lower crime rate than most other geographical divisions of the state at annual incident figures seldom crossing into the 2000 case mark. While this may not seem too worrisome at first glance, there has been a rise of nearly 90% in both violent and reported crime rates through the ten years that ended in 2008.

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