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Pike County, Missouri outstanding warrants are issued following the state’s criminal procedure, which does not defer from the penal code used in the other parts of the country, at least in respect of warrant issue. So, the probable cause requirement, which stems from the Fourth Amendment, and the powers given to the judiciary in the matter remain unchanged.

In essence, the police have to submit a writ demonstrating the probable cause that led to the accusation being levied against the person in question. The judiciary has the legal right and obligation to study this affidavit to ensure that the claims made by the law enforcement agency do not falter when weighed against the evidence available.

Only after this essential step has been completed can a detention order be signed, making it a Pike County active warrant. Details about the documents reach the office of the sheriff once the warrant is sent to the court services division of the agency. The tribunal that issues the order keeps a copy of the directive as well as the petition.

The county clerk’s office, which sends over a deputy to record the proceedings for the court dockets database, also maintains its own version of the pre warrant hearing, complete with information on the arrest warrants issued and the charges filed.

So, either of these agencies can be contacted for a warrant search. To contact the agencies mentioned, drive over to:

  • Law enforcement: 1600 Business Hwy 54 W, Bowling Green, Missouri 63334
  • Magistrate: As given below
  • County clerk: 115 West Main Street, Bowling Green, Missouri 63334

What phone numbers should you be dialing for a warrants search or arrests inquiry in Pike County? (2021-Update)  

  • Recent arrests related information- Pike Sheriff’s Office at (573) 324-3202
  • Police and arrest report from Bowling Green PD: Call the agency office at (573) 324-3200.
  • Case search and warrants inquiry-related information- Clerk of Court (573) 324-3112.
  • Victim’s assistance-related information- Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at 573-324-3821.

Crime statistics of Pike County

The Sheriff’s Office of Pike County handled approximately 67 criminal matters in 2017. Of the complaints filed, 58 were against property crimes, while the rest were against violent crimes.

Instances of burglary had the highest occurrence rate at 27 complaints/annum, while larceny-theft cases came in a close second with 22 cases filed yearly against such crimes. 

Older crime statistics

Of the estimated 250 criminal cases in Pike County, MO annually, 50% take place when the victim is in close vicinity of his workplace or home. This statistic added to the 14% increase in the area’s overall crime rates and posed a dark image of the region.

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