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An arrest warrant search from DeKalb County, Missouri, can be used for commercial purposes and hordes of other reasons, including official matters such as immigration, adoption, and employment. One of the reasons why a formal background report is demanded by many employers and other organizations is because it carries information on every criminal matter that the subject has his name in.

In other words, one can expect to find even decade long DeKalb County arrest records and active warrants in such a response. If you have been asked to submit such a report, you can go to one of the agencies listed further in this article. However, remember that you cannot go sauntering into the sheriff’s office or even the judiciary if you have an arrest warrant out against you.

For people confronted by this situation, there is always the option to find crime history information, including DeKalb County outstanding warrants for arrests through online agencies. These are essentially private organizations that collect information on criminal cases through local justice agencies. However, the notification in their databases is not restricted to a particular county or state.

They provide details on active warrants issued in all parts of the United States. To connect with a reliable third party site, fill the form above. If you want to get in touch with a state agency for information on arrest and warrants, drive down to:

  • The police: 109 W Main, PO Box 317, Maysville, Missouri 64469
  • The judiciary: 109 W Main St, Maysville, MO 64469
  • The clerk of court: As above

Is it possible to acquire information about DeKalb County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Recent arrests made by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office: 816-449-5802.
  • Assistance offered to crime victims: 816-449-2279.
  • Questions about judicial records and warrants search: 816-449-2602.

Crime statistics of DeKalb County

In 2019, 56 criminal complaints were filed in DeKalb County. About 0 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (25), burglary (16), and car thefts (10). There were 4 cases of serious assault among the 5 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

From 2001 through 2008, approximately 180 criminal cases were lodged in DeKalb County, Missouri, per annum. Of the incident reports filed, no less than 13% pertained to violent acts of crime, including sexual assault, which accounted for 16 cases through this time period. Over the years, both violent and reported crimes have grown by over 30% each.

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