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Although not the property of the sheriff’s office, Ray County, Missouri arrest warrants are inevitably held by the local law enforcement agency as their deputies are responsible for serving these detention orders and processing the alleged offenders. In fact, the sheriff’s office also petitions the court for the release of these arrest orders.

Hence, it is understandable why most people suggest that you take your warrant search in Ray County straight to the sheriff’s office. However, what is forgotten in this little nugget of advice is that the police do not have the authority to release active warrants on their own. So, after all, there is another agency that can also be contacted for information on outstanding warrants; in fact, there are two of them.

The magistrate’s office: The police merely prepare the affidavit that serves to inform the court of the criminal act that has taken place and how the alleged offender is to be blamed for it. Once this is done, the ball is out of their court and the decision to issue the warrant or not rests with the magistrate.

The same also holds true for a lot of other judicial instruments like search order. As opposed to this, bench warrants are issued by the tribunal if its own accord. To put it simply, when you go to the office of the magistrate looking for Ray County outstanding warrants, you can find a lot more than just that.

The county clerk’s department: This office bears the records for all cases that were heard by the courts of the area in the court dockets. So, like the magistrate’s court, there is an advantage to approaching this agency as well- you can find criminal and civil case information through the clerk of court’s department.

Both these agencies are located at 100 W N Main St, Richmond, MO 64085 while the sheriff’s office can be visited at 200 West Ninth Street, PO Box 266, Henrietta, Missouri 64085

Can you access the Ray County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)

  • Inquiries about recent arrest: 816-290-5631.
  • Inquiries about criminal investigations and arrest warrants: 816-290-5323.
  • Inquiries about court records: 816-776-3377.
  • Inquiries about victim/witness services: 816-776-2882.

Crime Statistics of Ray County

In 2020, the law enforcement offices of Ray County handled approximately 700 criminal complaints. Although this may seem like a low crime rate, given the population of the area, the incident rate stands at well over 30/1000 residents. This puts the county right in the middle of the crime rate scale. However, the area has a fairly low violent crime rate of fewer than 3 incidents/1000 people.

Ray County, MO has mediocre crime figures when compared to some of the other geographical divisions of the state. Only 400 criminal cases are recorded every year and of these not more than 9% are violent acts. However, the police in the area will have a lot more to take care of in the near future of they do not manage to control the 98% growth observed in the crime rates.

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