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Police entertain requests for Ripley County arrest warrant searches. The law enforcement agency offers two options for conducting inquiries about active warrants and arrest records from MO. Applicants can choose between visiting the agency office in person or mail in the request forms. In both cases, you are approaching the public services or records division of the department.

This is the law enforcement agency’s wing that handles the dissemination of crime history data among the public. However, the court services division is held in charge of requesting the tribunal to issue arrest warrants. The proof collected in a criminal matter is taken to this branch of the agency.

Here, it is assimilated into a signed and sworn statement that is taken to the bench. The court convenes upon receiving such a request. Through the tribunal’s pre-warrant session, the magistrate decides on the claims made by the police and if these can be verified in light of the evidence alone. If the written words are inadequate, the judge may ask the witnesses to come in for sworn testimony.

Upon issue, the active warrant is handed to the officers present in court. While some of these directives for arrests get served immediately, others are stored in the system as outstanding warrants from Ripley County. The police and the judiciary, including the office of the clerk of court, possess information on arrest records and the issue of active warrants. So, to initiate your inquiry, you can go to any of the agencies mentioned below:

  • Law enforcement: 301 Lafayette St, Doniphan, Missouri 63935
  • Judiciary: 100 Court House Square, Doniphan, MO 63935
  • County clerk: 201 North 2nd Street, Doniphan, Missouri 63935

Since 2002 right up to 2008, almost 300 criminal instances were being reported in Ripley County, Missouri. While only about 7% of these were violent, there was a growth of over 80% in this crime category. The reported criminal activity also went up by over 60% through this period.

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