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The police offer information in response to a Adair County, Missouri warrant search. The sheriff’s office like the judiciary has to work in adherence with the Freedom of information Act. This makes it compulsory for these agencies to disseminate criminal history information including details on arrest warrants to civilian inquirers.

Among judicial agencies, the court of the magistrate and the county clerk’s office which has the court dockets database handle all requests pertaining to Adair County outstanding warrant inquiries. The court is responsible for the issue of all judicial orders including detention directives like active and bench warrants, search orders and summons.

Hence, a representative of the sitting magistrate of the general sessions court or any trial court that issued the decree will be able to help you with your inquiry. In fact, depending on the agency that you approach, you can not only get details pertaining to arrest records and warrants but also information from the civil courts.

Most agencies including private vendors of crime history information will charge you a small fee to offer warrant details. However, through the office of the clerk of court, you can browse the dockets repository on your own by using the public service terminals at the justice center. To connect with these departments, head to:

The police: 215 N Franklin, Kirksville, Missouri 63501

The judiciary: 106 W Washington St, Kirksville, MO 63501

The clerk of court: 106 West Washington Street, Kirksville, Missouri 63501

Over 600 criminal complaints find their way into the books of Adair County, MO police every year. However, not more than 10% of these cases are about violent criminal acts. In contrast, property crimes bring in 90% of the reports. Yet, the rise in the rate of violent crime has been the most concerning at 70%.

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