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Unlike most other sheriff’s offices of the state, the police of Platte County, Missouri do offer an online tool for conducting a warrant search. This can be used by just about anybody who has an internet connection and is looking for details on arrest warrants issued against an individual. The local law enforcement agency does not charge a fee for such inquiries.

However, using this online provision will only get you results on active and outstanding warrants issued from Platte County. Prior arrest records will not be included in the results brought back by such a query. To use the tool, you can visit the official website of the sheriff of Platte County at

In the case of repeat offenders and perpetrators accused of heinous crimes, the details of such criminals are included in the county’s most wanted list, which can be found at:

However, if you need a detailed background report which includes information on all arrest warrants issued against the subject along with details on just about every criminal case that this individual was ever associated with, you will need to initiate a formal inquiry by visiting one of the 3 government agencies listed below.

  • Law enforcement: 415 Third Street, Suite 10, Platte City, Missouri 640
  • Judiciary: 328 Main Street, Platte City, MO 64079
  • County clerk: 415 3rd Street, Suite 70, Platte City, Missouri 64079

In fact, the office of the clerk of court will also be able to provide details on civil cases. This department maintains a record of all cases heard by the judiciary in their database of court dockets. So, whether you need a written crime history report or are just looking for quick information, this agency will be able to help you out.

Is it possible to get information on Platte County arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • If you want to do a warrant search or need to know about recent arrests, contact the Platte County Sheriff’s Office at 816-858-2424.
  • If you want to know when a criminal case will be heard and how to obtain criminal court records, contact the Clerk of Court at 816-858-2232.
  • If you want to request crime victim’s assistance, call the Victim’s Advocate at 816-858-3476.

Crime Statistics of Platte County

The annual crime average of Platte County stood at 338 incidents in 2019. Of the complaints filed, property crimes clocked around 290 cases. In the violent crimes category, nearly 48 complaints were filed, of which, 186 were against matters of assault.

The Platte County, MO police have received an estimated 40,000 complaints through the decade that ended in 2008. This figure can be used to calculate the annual crime average, which stands at nearly 4000 incidents. Of these, approximately 12% of the cases were violent acts, while the remaining were property-related.

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