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Boone County police will seek an active warrant against an individual suspected of committing a criminal offense. Warrants are essentially judicial orders for detention issued by the local criminal court. While the directive comes from the magistrate and is an explicit command to the local law enforcement agency to arrest an individual, the police have to file a petition for such a decree.

This affidavit is treated as a formal complaint in a criminal matter. The information presented in it is used as the basis for deliberating on the existence of probable cause. Once the judge finds that the evidence available in the case is enough to establish culpability, the warrant is signed and released.

At this point, the document is known as an active warrant, and it is sent to the court services division of the sheriff’s office. If, for any reason, this order cannot be executed within a few days of release, it is not sent back to the judiciary. The directive is kept in the police database for as long as it takes to bring the accused to books. Such a pending arrest decree is called an outstanding warrant.

After a person is taken into custody, whether through the use of a warrant or not, his name is included in the arrest records of Boone County, and this information is also sent to the judiciary before the arraignment hearing. The police and the judiciary, including the county clerk’s office, which keeps all records about criminal matters, accept a request for inquiries of arrest warrants.

  • The law enforcement office: 2121 County Dr, Columbia, Missouri 65202
  • The judiciary: 705 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO 65201
  • County clerk’s office: 801 East Walnut Room, 132, Columbia, Missouri 65201

The Boone County, MO police receive no less than 4400 criminal complaints every year. Fortunately, only about 11% of these cases are filed in cases about violent crime. The annual average of violent crime stands at almost 500 incidents at the moment. However, this might change rapidly given the sharp increase of over 35% in the number of such occurrences registered through the ten years from 1999 to 2008.

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