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The police are not obligated to serve a notice of warrant issue to the person whose name the order is released. In fact, doing so would be counterproductive for them. After all, it would not make sense to alert the offender of his impending detention. So, an arrest warrant search in Gasconade County, MO, is practically the only way to determine if such a directive has been released against you.

If you believe that such an order might already be in effect, it will serve to understand that arrest warrants are devoid of restrictions. This means that a person who has a Gasconade County outstanding warrant in his name can be taken into custody at any time and in any part of the country, which means that with an order of this nature out, there is simply no way to prevent arrests.

So, it would be prudent to take precautionary measures and conduct regular inquiries into the existence of active warrants and arrest records from Gasconade County that might bear your name. If you were ever accused of committing an illicit act, it would be best to get a lawyer to find this information for you.

However, if you are looking for such details about an acquaintance, you can connect with multiple state sources. Of course, the police station is one of the first agencies that people turn to for all inquiries about active warrants and arrests. Then, there is also the office of the county clerk, which houses the court dockets database and the office of the magistrate. These agencies work out of:

  • Law enforcement: 119 E First St Rm 22, Hermann, Missouri 65041
  • Judiciary: 119 E 1st St, Hermann, MO 65041
  • County clerk: PO Box 241, Hermann, Missouri 65041

What phone numbers should you be dialing for a warrants search or arrests inquiry in Gasconade County? (2021-Update)  

  • The Associate Clerk: 573-486-2321- Contact for information on arrest warrants
  • The Gasconade County Sheriff’s Department: 573-486-2424 – Call for inquiries about recent arrests
  • The Hermann City Police Department: 573-486-2081 – Contact to seek an arrest report of information on warrants connected with cases handled by them.
  • The Victim’s Advocate: 573-486-2173 – Contact to get details on assistance for victims and witnesses
  • The Clerk of Circuit Court: 573-486-2632 – Call for information on accessing judicial records.

Crime statistics of Gasconade County

The Gasconade Sheriff’s Office received 227 criminal complaints in 2019, as opposed to the 172 cases reported in 2018. These included 178 non-person crimes and 49 violent crimes.

The non-person crimes category included 94 larceny thefts, 51 burglaries, and 33 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 47 aggravated assaults.

Older crime statistics

Over the years, Gasconade County, Missouri’s crime rates have taken a turn for the worse, with reported crimes going up by 70%. During this period, annually, almost 260 criminal complaints were lodged with the police in the area, and about 12% of these were made in connection with violent crimes.

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