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While most sheriffs’ offices in the state prefer to offer crime history information only when the request is placed in person, you can find details on Crawford County, Missouri arrest warrants through the local law enforcement agency’s website. However, this should not be confused with a regular warrant search.

The police’s official site offers information on all recent arrests at and a list of the area’s most wanted at However, if your inquiry pertains to a person of your acquaintance and you want to know if there is an active warrant in Crawford County against this individual, you will have to drive down to the sheriff’s office.

Alternatively, you could also head to the magistrate’s court for Crawford arrest records and warrants. This is the judge who hears cases in the general sessions tribunal or a justice of a trial-level court. The judiciary issues all warrants, including those meant for detention, search, and bench warrants issued in case of ‘court no shows.’ So, you can get information on all these from the magistrate’s office.

The county clerk’s department will also be able to undertake an outstanding warrants inquiry for you. To visit these agencies, use the contact details given below. It would be futile to connect with an agency representative over the phone because crime history requests are only entertained when the applicants show up in person.

Law enforcement agency: 212 S Third Street, PO Box BE, Steelville, Missouri 65565

The county magistrate: 302 Main St, Steelville, MO 65565

The clerk of court: PO Box 236, Steelville, Missouri 65565

Of the nearly 700 criminal reports received by the Crawford County, MO sheriff’s office, nearly 84 complaints are lodged in cases about violence. This is understandable given the 80% plus increase in the rates of this crime category and the near doubling of overall criminal incidents.

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