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There are many places that one can go to for an arrest warrant search in Shelby County, MO, and not all of these are connected to the state government. Fortunately, for people who fear that there might be an arrest warrant out in their name, there are other less obvious ways in which to conduct inquiries on outstanding warrants that will not put them in the spotlight in front of the law.

Take a look at the form you see on top of this page. Simple enough, yet it can offer access to a nationwide repository of arrest records and active warrants. This website is linked to a privately maintained database of crime history. You can use the search tool to find information on just about anybody in the country by merely using specific personal identifiers such as the first and the last name.

Yes, you will be charged a fee, but unlike state agencies that expect you to furnish information about yourself before they hand you the background report on your subject, inquiries through this site are 100% anonymous. This means that those who fear arrests under warrants issued in trivial matters such as traffic and city ordinance infractions will get the upper hand in evading detentions by finding out about the existence of active warrants in Shelby County to their name.

However, if you need a formal background report, you will need to go through a state entity. Your choices have been stated below. While the cops can offer the maximum amount of information on criminal matters, through the office of the county clerk, you can find out about Shelby County active warrants as well as civil court dockets.

  • The Police: PO Box 128, Shelbyville, Missouri 63469
  • The court: 100 E Main St, Shelbyville, MO 63469
  • The clerk of court: Highway 15, Shelbyville, Missouri 63469

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Shelby County over the phone? (Updated-2021)         

  • To find out about recent arrests, call the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office at (573) 633-2161.
  • To receive details about victim’s assistance, contact the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office at (573) 633-2131.
  • To get information on how to begin a criminal case search or a warrant lookup, contact the Clerk of Court at (573) 633-2151.

Crime statistics of Shelby County

Shelby County’s total crime rate decreased from 15 incidents in 2018 to 11 complaints in 2019. While 3 of these incidents were crimes against persons, property offenses accounted for the remaining 8 complaints.

Older crime statistics

Shelby County, Missouri, does not have an exceptionally high crime rate at just about 70 criminal incidents transpiring in the area per year. The county’s violent crime average is equally low, at only 5% of the annual average. In terms of incident reports, this can be worked out to about 3 cases every year. While this figure is not too startling, thefts account for nearly 35 complaints per annum.

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