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Stoddard County, Missouri active warrants related data can be sought for a range of purposes. From finding a job in the health care sector which necessarily requires applicants to submit a notarized crime history report to ensuring that you keep anti-social activities away from your home and workplace by only hiring people who have an unblemished record; there truly can be innumerable reasons why you might be interested in a warrant search.

However, before you embark on your hunt for Stoddard County arrest records and warrants, it would help you understand how these orders come about to be and their functions. An active warrant is always issued by a local tribunal that handles criminal matters. However, this order for arrest should not be confused with other detention directives like Stoddard bench warrants.

Unlike the former, a bench order has a fixed validity period, and it can only be executed within the bounds of the issuing county. In contrast, an outstanding warrant is aimed at law enforcement officials from all states. Also, this directive can be executed without any limitations of time.

So, if you do find an active warrant from Stoddard County through your inquiry, it simply means that the person in question has not been arrested yet but that custodial detention will be imminent as soon as he gets into any confrontation with the law. To find information on arrest warrants from the area, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 101 Courthouse Square, Bloomfield, Missouri 63825
  • The magistrate’s court: 316 S Prairie St, Bloomfield, MO 6382
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 217, Bloomfield, Missouri 63825

Will state agencies provide an arrest report or details about warrants from Stoddard County over the phone? (Updated-2021)

  • Queries about recent arrests: 573-568-4654.
  • Information about help provided to crime victims: 573-568-4640 x4
  • Court dockets: 573-568-4640.

Crime Statistics of Stoddard County

Around 270 criminal complaints were filed with the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Office in 2019. Nearly 214 of the cases involved property offenses. Approximately 126 larceny-theft complaints and around 66 burglary complaints were included in this total. Around 52 complaints were filed against violent offenses, such as homicide and serious assault.

Nearly 450 crimes occur in Stoddard County, MO, annually. Of these, almost 125 of the cases are against violent criminal acts. In the nine years between 2001 and 2008, there was a minuscule single-digit drop in the violent crime rate but reported criminal incidents grew disproportionately to scale at over 61% of the earlier rates.

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