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Try the office of the clerk of court for an arrest warrant search in Harrison County, MO. The clerk of court has a unique role to play in the judicial processes of the state. While some would call their part passive, it cannot be denied that they perform a crucial function of keeping the court dockets.

Contacting the clerk’s department can not only get you data on the regular crime-related stuff like Harrison County arrest records and the release of outstanding warrants but also on civil matters. Now, you cannot find this information from any other justice agency, including the court of the magistrate.

Of course, going to the police station would mean that you could get your hands on the most wanted list. In contrast to this, the magistrate’s court has details about the issue of all criminal and non-criminal legal provisions, including Harrison County active warrants.

So, if you need to know if a bench warrant was put to use against the subject because he failed to obey a court order, the magistrate’s office is the place to go. Similarly, you will be able to find out about criminal summons and search warrants from this office. To connect with a justice agency to initiate an inquiry into warrants and arrests, head down to:

  • The police: PO Box 169, Bethany, Missouri 64424
  • The county clerk: PO Box 26, Bethany, Missouri 64424
  • The court of the magistrate: 1500 Central St, Bethany, MO

Can you get any information pertaining to Harrison County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Arrest records and incident reports from the Sheriff’s Office: (660) 425-3199
  • An arrest report from Bethany PD: (660) 425-3511.
  • Information about the help provided to crime victims: (660) 425-6423.
  • Court dockets and active warrants information: (660) 425-6425.

Crime statistics of Harrison County

Due to the decrease of 30% in Harrison County’s yearly crime average, around 35 criminal complaints were submitted in 2019, compared to 52 in 2018. Only 3 of these reports were filed against violent crimes. The property offenses category included reports against 17 burglaries and 12 larceny thefts.

Older crime statistics

In the seven years that transpired between 2002 and 2008, about 900 criminal cases were filed in Harrison County, Missouri. This can be used to calculate the area’s annual crime average, which is at approximately 130 incidents. An estimated 12% of all criminal complaints are made against violent matters. Fortunately, there was a drop of almost 15% in the incident numbers of violent crime in the last few years.

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