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Butler County, Missouri arrest warrants are directives from the local criminal court. These orders are issued as soon as the sitting magistrate of a tribunal with criminal jurisdiction finds enough evidence in the complaint filed by the sheriff’s office to hold the accused responsible for a crime.

To establish probable cause, the police will present all case-related facts in front of the bench. In fact, a formal affidavit is submitted to apprise the judiciary of the matter and the evidence assimilated in the case. During the pre-warrant hearing, all this information is carefully studied to ensure that the police have indeed nabbed the right person connected with the crime.

Often, when the information presented is not enough to ascertain probable cause in the matter, the magistrate may call upon the witnesses to depose under oath. The signed active warrant is usually handed over to the deputies of the sheriff’s office. This document, along with the copy of the petition filed in court, is kept by the law enforcement agency’s records division.

Outstanding warrants issued in Butler County can also be executed outside the geographical limits of the area. In fact, an arrest order released in a criminal case is a call to all law enforcement agencies across the country to apprehend the accused on sight.

To find arrest records from Butler County or to get a warrant search done, you can go to the local police or the magistrate’s office, or even the department of the county clerk. The addresses of these agencies have been given below.

  • The sheriff: 200 Oak St, Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901
  • The clerk of court: 100 N Main St, Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
  • The judiciary: As given above

Every year approximately, 1600 criminal complaints are lodged with the police of Butler County, MO. This incident average includes instances of violent crime, which bring in almost 150 cases and occurrences related to property crimes that make up the figure’s remainder. In the decade that ended in 2008, an estimated growth of 30% was seen in the rates of reported crime and violent acts.

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