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Arrest warrants from Camden County, Missouri, are requested by the court services division of the local law enforcement agency. This wing of the sheriff’s office is in charge of preparing the affidavit that is sent to the local criminal tribunal in anticipation of a pre warrant hearing. The information in the petition is collected from the investigating officers. This is sent to the judiciary so that the magistrate has all case-related facts while deliberating on the matter.

An active warrant is issued when the judge finds that the evidence available in the case is credible enough to pin the blame for the crime on the suspect. While the document is handed over to the police officers representing local law enforcement in the hearing, the order is actually aimed at cops from all over the country.

Outstanding warrants from Camden County not only stay valid without any restrictions of time placed on them, but also they can be executed without any binding of geography. This means that an active warrant from Camden can be served anywhere in the state of Missouri and outside. Once an individual is taken into custody, these arrest records are included in the state criminal database.

When scouring for information on arrest orders from Camden, you can get a warrant search done through multiple government agencies, including the judiciary and law enforcement. The contact details of the departments you can connect with are given below.

  • Office of the magistrate: 1 Court Circle, NW Suite 2 Camdenton, MO 65020
  • The sheriff’s department: 1 Court Circle, Camdenton, Missouri 65020
  • The county clerk’s office: 1 Court Circle, Suite 5, Camdenton, Missouri 65020

With an annual crime rate limited to the 100 case mark, Camden County, MO, is considered one of the state’s safer areas. Of the annual incident rate, nearly 90 complaints are filed in matters relating to violent acts. On the whole, 2 to 3 criminal occurrences are reported in the area every day. Since 1999, there has been an unprecedented rise in the violent criminal activity of over 90%.

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