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It is not uncommon for many to assume that an arrest warrant search from Gentry County, MO is an undue formality that can be ignored in favor of other overt means of safety. What these people forget is that more than 50% of the criminal incidents occur in the victim’s comfort zone that is within a mile of his home or office. Several of these are committed by offenders who are known to the victim.

Looking for information on Gentry County arrests and active warrants is one way to ensure that you do not come face to face with criminal elements who seem to be working all around regardless of how safe the neighborhood you live in is. Through such an inquiry, you will be able to effectively weed out people with unscrupulous backgrounds from your social and professional circle, which can help you to safeguard your financial interests and your loved ones.

Initiating an inquiry into Gentry County arrest records and outstanding warrants can be done in a matter of minutes if you get in touch with one of the offices listed ahead in this article. You will have to incur a small cost. Again, this factor is common to inquiries initiated through state agencies as well as private vendors.

The cops and the magistrate’s office will be able to supply information on criminal cases where arrest warrants were issued. In fact, they will tell you about all matters where the defendant was pronounced guilty. On the other hand, the office of the county clerk is the only agency that can offer access to civil and criminal court dockets.

  • The Police: 200 W Clay St, PO Box 37, Albany, Missouri 64402
  • The court: 200 W Clay St, Albany, MO 64402
  • The clerk of court: As above

If you want to know about Gentry County outstanding warrants and arrests over the phone, which agencies can help? (2021-Update) 

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office to access prisoner records and for inmate searches- (660) 726-3721.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court for a case search and inquiries about active warrants- (660) 726-3618
  • Contact the Gentry County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to get help for crime victims- (660) 726-3844.

Crime statistics of Gentry County

Gentry County’s yearly crime rate increased by 24% to 31 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, only 1 was a violent crime; it involved assault. Larceny-theft was the subject of 11 property crime complaints, while burglaries were the subject of 14 of them.

Older crime statistics

From 2002 to 2005, approximately 250 criminal complaints were brought to light in Gentry County, Missouri. Of the total complaints filed, about 25 were against acts that could be deemed violent. This puts the annual, overall crime average at nearly 45 incidents and violent crime rate at approximately 4 incidents.

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