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The easy way to launch an arrest inquiry and warrants search in Kansas City, Missouri

If you are keen to know about arrests in Kansas City, Missouri, be prepared to put it in a few hours of research. And even after all that work, you won’t get the arrest log for the area. Instead, you’ll get a concise arrest report of the subject, which will be specific to a particular or the most recent instance of detention.

Now, if you have any experience looking up arrests records online, you may have already gathered that conducting a warrant search for Kansas City will be time consuming given their track record with the process of an arrest inquiry. So, continue reading to know about state agencies that do accept requests for criminal records…

What are your options for accessing the arrest records for Kansas City?

A person who is arrested in Kansas is held at the Patrol Division Detention Unit, which is the local facility meant to house inmates long enough to allow them time to post bail. Unfortunately, there is no inmate search tool for this detention center.

So, if you want to know about arrests made in Kansas in the last 24 hours, you should call the KCPD on 816-234-5180 or connect with:

  • Patrol Detention (South): 816-234-5550
  • Patrol Detention (East): 816-482-8533
  • Patrol Detention (Shoal Creek): 816-413-3400

If the arrestee cannot post bond in a certain number of days (usually 24-48 hours), he/she is shifted to the nearest city approved detention center. The Kansas City Police Department uses three detention centers for such suspects-

  1. The Jackson County Jail: You can call them on 816-881-4200 and they have an inmate search tool at http://jccweb.jacksongov.org/InmateSearch/.
  2. The Vernon County Jail: You contact them on 417-283-4400 or write to them at [email protected].
  3. The Johnson County jail: You can use their arrest history roster at https://www.jocomosheriff.org/roster.

When using the arrest app of these agencies, remember that the information is not limited to the City of Kansas alone but also includes data on arrests made by these agencies within their geographic jurisdiction.

Is there any way to initiate a warrant lookup in Kansas City?

  1. You can contact the Municipal Court of Kansas City to find details on arrest warrants and citations issued by them. This warrant lookup service is offered at https://city.kcmo.org/kc/McTicketApp/(S(jotfc5h0asomgsg4nccfjjtj))/Default.aspx. You will have to supply the full name and the date of birth of the subject to initiate the warrant check.
  2. For active warrants issued by other courts or issued in matters being heard by other courts, use https://www.courts.mo.gov/casenet/base/welcome.do.

Crime stats for Kansas City, MO!

A bit over 29,000 criminal complaints are lodged with Kansas City PD each year. Of these criminal incidents, an estimated 8,000 are violent crimes while the remaining 21,000 are property crimes. Under these two crime classifications, aggravated assaults have the highest rate in the violent crime category at 5600 incidents.

Thefts result in the maximum complaints in the property crimes category at over 13,000 instances. If you compare the crime averages of the city with the national and state figures, Kansas witnesses 3 times as many violent crimes as the state and almost twice as many property crimes as Missouri.