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Judicial records from St. Louis City are available with the clerk of court’s department; online, through the administrative office of the state courts and the tribunals that function in the area. Typically, the court documents pertaining to a case will have all information about the trial.

For example, if it is a criminal matter, you can find out about the charges filed, the evidence brought before the court, the release of judicial instruments such as criminal summons and arrest warrants and finally on the verdict and sentencing. If the matter is of a civil nature, you will be able to learn about the dispute at the core of the litigation and the judgment given in the matter.

If you want to initiate a case search for St. Louis City, MO on the basis of the subject’s name, it would be simplest to use the Case.Net website at This is a free service offered by the courts of Missouri and using the name of the litigant is just one of the options available for inquirers.

Another way to find court documents from St. Louis City is to simply walk in to the clerk of court’s office. Located at 1200 Market St, Rm 126, St. Louis, MO 63103, you will find public service computers at the center, which can be used to browse through the database of court dockets. You will only have to show some form of identification to use this facility.

Inquiries are not charged, meaning, you won’t have to pay a fee for using the terminals and finding the information you want. However, if you need printouts, you will be asked to incur the cost for them. A third option is to get in touch with the courts of the area. The address given above is that of the judicial complex which houses not only the clerk of court’s department but also the magistrate’s tribunal and others.