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The facility to conduct an online inquiry for judicial records is available in all geographical divisions of Missouri. So, for a case search in St. Charles County, you can go to This webpage is not run by local judicial agencies but by the administrative division of the state courts.

Hence, you not only stand the chance to find out about court documents from St. Charles County but also from other parts of MO. The investigation can be launched in multiple ways. You can use the name of the litigants/defendant. You could also use the case number or the case filing date.

The results will include details on criminal as well as non-criminal cases. The response will be displayed in a tabular form and you will be given the name of the litigant, the case number, the type of litigation and the filing date and area. Clicking on the case number will get you additional details on the matter.

Court dockets for St. Charles County, MO can also be accessed through the agency that has been set in charge of preparing and maintaining them- the clerk of court’s office. There are two ways to get the information you need from this agency. You could personally visit them and ask them to undertake the case search on your behalf or write to them.

The second option is to use the public service terminals at their office to find judicial records from St. Charles County. This option is undoubtedly preferable because it is free and you can get as much information as you need, be it on criminal cases or on civil matters.

The St. Charles County Clerk of Court’s office is also in charge of keeping birth, death and marriage records. So, this inquiry could very well turn into a proper background search. To enlist the help of the county clerk, go to 201 N 2nd St, #338, St. Charles, MO 63301. You can also call them on 636-949-7505.