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Greene County court documents are not only kept for recent cases or for criminal matters but for all litigations handled by the judiciary, since the inception of the tribunals in the area. However, while the judicial records that pertain to more recent cases will be available on computer and even online, for older litigations, the information will have to be found from paper books.

Typically, it is assumed that the courts keep details on the trials held in the area. This is partly true because the tribunals are not obligated to maintain judicial records for the entire legal network. So, what they do is just keep court documents pertaining to the cases that they have heard.

This means that if you need to find court dockets for a trial held in the Circuit Court, it would be futile to connect with the Municipal Court because they simply will not have this information. In contrast, if you were to visit the Greene County clerk of court’s office, this agency can help you with information pertaining to all the cases that were brought before the local judicial entities.

To contact the county clerk, you will need to show up at the office of the agency at 940 Boonville, Rm 100, Springfield, MO 65802. You can also send in your inquiries by mail. However, if you take the trouble of driving down to the agency, you can use the public search terminals in the building to find the Greene County court documents that you are looking for.

Another way to access court dockets is through the judicial website at Judicial records for Greene County, MO can also be sought from various tribunals in the area. To get in touch with the Circuit Court, you will have to go to 1010 Booneville, Springfield, MO 65802.

This tribunal handles all civil and criminal matters since its consolidation with the associate circuit court in 1997. So, a case search through this agency will get you details on felony and misdemeanor trials and all civil cases.